Foot washing is an ancient gesture of hospitality.

The path through the sole to the soul is an ancient healing method.
Touch is the oldest form of communication.

As a tactile performance, revived in an artistic ritual, these ritual foot washings devote special attention to our feet in a respectful setting.
For the duration of this encounter, a very personal relationship develops between the artist and a member of the audience.
In this process, reactions are set in motion that make it possible to let go of everyday life and worries.
Images rise in the mind's eye, feelings of security and relaxation spread.
To create such a private atmosphere in a public space is the core of the artistic process.
In this act of transformation, the two are removed from their real surroundings and take even the watching public with them into a world of well-being.

Gifts of LOVE are something very lasting...

Photo: 2000 Sabine Brhel

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the ritual feet washing ceremony is...
feet? why feet?

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... a participatory art installation that requires audience engagement.

Anyone can participate:
male, female or child

history & philosophy
- the tradition of foot washing

The Foot
- in the evolution: the development from quadrupeds to bipeds
- in cultural history: the achilles heel
- in mythology: the roman-greek foot
- in world religions: feet and sacred ground
- in China: as ideal of beauty
- in modern times

The feet: expression of the life principle of movement and individuality

During many years of my work as a butoh dancer on many stages, I usually experienced the audience in a distanced form. Being applauded alone was no longer enough for me in the long run.

And what has washing feet got to do with dance and butoh?

...as a public performance/installation and for private events.

Wherever tired feet long for a feeling of well-being, the interactive art performance "ritual foot washing" offers the open-minded public the opportunity to find peace and relaxation through active participation.

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