Foot washing: the special art offer a public performance/installation and for private events

Wherever tired feet long for a feeling of well-being, the interactive art performance "ritual foot washing ceremony" offers the open-minded public the opportunity to find peace and relaxation through active participation.

This special art offer can be booked for various cultural occasions or comparable public events as well as for private festivities, in particular:

- at balls, dance events and parties of all kinds
- at vernissages and premieres,
- at museums and exhibitions,
- at concerts and receptions
- at festivals and city festivals,
- at congresses and trade fairs,
- at shop openings and in shopping centres
- at family celebrations and other private occasions
- at anniversaries, weddings, etc.
General information on logistics:

a space where you can let go and relax without stress is preferred.
the highest possible level of tranquillity, supported by soft music, a pleasant scent and a cosy, comfortable ambience contribute best to a successful performance/installation.

the ritual foot washing ceremony can of course also be offered outside in warm and dry weather.

for an ambulant performance/installation as a public or private event, the following is needed on site:

- a comfortable armchair with a wide seat and a backrest to rest your head on.
- a small footbath made of enamel or plastic
- a low stool (footstool) or several (meditation) cushions
- several small towels, depending on the number of people, a towel rack and a blanket to cover up with, depending on the temperature.
- music system with connection for ipod/iphone for (relaxation) music
- hot and cold water in the immediate vicinity (incl. drainage) or cooking facilities if there is no hot running water.
- lighting (e.g. 2x 60W clamp lights) - electrical connection and possibly extension cable
- foot bath oil with herbal essences will be brought along.

Ritual foot washing ceremony - the installation
(equipment at EXPO 2000 in Hanover)

- a hairdresser's chair weight 100 kg
- a small footbath made of enamel
- a low stool and a footstool
- small towels (about 20) with a storage rack
- a blanket to cover the bath
- a (metal) watering can 10-12l for fetching water
- foot bath oil with herbal essences

- a 240V water boiler with 2kW and a saucepan (if no running hot water is available)
- 2x 60W clamp lights for illumination (for evening events)

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