foot of a greek sculptur

the ritual feetwash ceremony...

the ritual feetwash ceremony is an interactive "living" art-installation for public presentation.  It is a performance which lasts for a longer period.  Several single about 20 minutes lasting feetwash-sessions will be spread over a whole day or at parties over a whole night, depending on the demand.

the ritual feetwash ceremony is a wellness -art-action/performance, where the giving artist and the receiving client melt into one another, concerning an energy unity.  The main issue is the floating of the inner energies between the two acting persons at this quiet, even meditative session.   interested audience could notice this interaction energies through the expression of the bodies and the faces, because of a  continuous change of  tension which occurs between the installation couple.

the ritual feetwash ceremony is no service,  no cosmetic feet treatment or medical foot refexology.   Even if it looks like from the outside  and even the applied massage looks similar to medical technics it is a pure art-action.

the ritual feetwash ceremony is a serious art-performance, an offer where no sexual, fetishistic or pervers interests are involved at all even if there are erotic backgrounds taken in consideration.

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