delta RA'i - detailed artist curriculum vitae

Studies on biology, psychology and theatre sciences

since 1978 - practical theatre work as actor, director, lighting designer, technician and manager in various independent theatre groups in Berlin

1978 - co-founder of FLIEGENDES THEATER BERLIN

since 1985 - autodidactic occupation with dance, especially with the expressive dance of the 19'Twenties and
since 1986 especially with the Japanese Butoh-dance. Studies with Tetsuro Tamura, Akaji Maro, Kazuo Ohno and Anzu Furukawa in Tokyo.

1986/87/89- dance collaboration with various Butoh dance productions in Tokyo with DANCE LOVE MACHINE (directed by Tetsuro Tamura) and with DANCE BUTTER TOKYO (directed by Anzu Furukawa)

1987/88 - Founding of tatoeba-THÉÂTRE DANSE GROTESQUE, the first Japanese-German Butohdance compagnie in Europe, together with Minako Seki in Berlin
since 1988 collaboration with Yumiko Yoshioka and since then artistic, technical and organisational director

1988 - 1998 - artistic director of tatoeba-TDG
involved as dancer, choreographer, art director, stage designer, light artist and producer in all tatoeba-TDG productions and projects:
"Von hinter der Mauer" <From Behind the Wall> - Berlin (1988 world premiere)
"Tanz & Lesung" <dance & reading>
- Berlin (1988 world premiere)
"Kyobu to sogu - Begegnung im verrückten Tanz"
<Encounter by Silly Dance> - Berlin (1988 world premiere)
"Die letzte HochZeit"
<The Last HighTime>  - Berlin (1988 world premiere)
"Hidamari - Sunday in Life" - Tokyo (1989 world premiere), Berlin
"Die Reise nach China im Traum" <The Journey to China in Dreams> - Berlin (1989 world premiere)
"T. for Three" - Moers/D (1989 world premiere), Berlin, ...
"Rent-a-body - The last Night of Ballhaus" - Berlin (1989 world premiere)
"All Moonshine" (Duo) - Berlin (1989 world premiere), Tokyo, ...
"Night on a Bare Mountain" - Berlin (1990 world premiere)
"Hana-mo Dango-mo - A Micro Love" - Berlin (1990 world premiere), Tokyo, Stavanger
"All Moonshine" (Solo Yumiko Yoshioka) - Berlin (1990 world premiere), Tokyo, ...
"Ju-ni Hitoe - Die Zwölf Kimonos" <The Twelf Kimonos> - Berlin (1991 world premiere), Tokyo, Hannover, ...
"The Last Dinner I" - Berlin (1991 world premiere)
"The Last Dinner II" - Berlin (1992 world premiere)
"ECLIPSE" - Berlin (1993 world premiere) or the discovery of the soul" - THE FILM (BUTOH-dance-film) - Berlin (1993 world premiere)
"OUT OFF - Rabenstein/The Collector" - Tokyo (1994 world premiere), Berlin, Schloss Broellin
"Il Giorno del Ritorno al Mare" - La Specia/I (1995 world premiere)
"Demontage paradox" - Graz (1995 world premiere)
"Il Retorno dell'Era Glaciale" - La Specia/I (1996 world premiere)
"Terminal Paranoid" - Graz (1996 world premiere)
"Il Giorno del Ritorno al Sole" - Castello di Malgrate/La Specia/I (1997 world premiere)
"Der letzte Klang der Erde" <The Last Sound of the Earth> - Graz (1997 world premiere)

1991 - Working scholarship from the Berlin Senate Department for Cultural Affairs for a working stay in Japan

1994 - Grant from the Japanese Ministry of Culture for directing "OUT OFF-Rabenstein/The Collector" in Tokyo with Yumiko Yoshioka and Kim Itoh

1995 - Director and lighting & stage art for: "Lord of the Flies" with Kim Itoh in Tokyo

1995/96 - participated as dancer, choreographer and/or light artist in several productions of TEN PEN CHii - Art Labor at schloss bröllin with Yumiko Yoshioka and Joachim Manger

1995 - Idea & concept, artistic direction together with Yumiko Yoshioka at: "Ex... it!'95" - 1st international Butoh Symposion-DanceProject
at Schloss Broellin <Castle of Broellin> (Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania)

1996 - Idea & concept, artistic direction, choreography, dance & light art at: "Trans... it!" 1st international Choreography & DanceProject at
Schloss Broellin <Castle of Broellin> & St. Petersburg

1996/97/98 - dancer, choreographer & light artist at: "Province of Europe" MultiMedia Art Project by Elke Siml in Mecklenburg and Sicily

1997 - light artist for: "Equinox Terminal" - open air dance project by  antagon-theaterAKTion at  Frankfurt/M.

1998 - dancer & light artist for: "Windcross" open air Installation & DanceProject by Daniel Weißroth with the DO-Teatr from St. Petersburg
at Schloss Broellin <Castle of Broellin>

1998 - dancer at: "Lachende Steine" DancePerfomance von Sonja Romeis TanzTheater (Regie: Yoshiko Waki)

1998 - Idea, development and first public performances with his solo work
at Schloss Broellin:
          "Ritual Foot Waashing Ceremony - a participative art-installation"

1999 -
Idea & concept, artistic direction together with Yumiko Yoshioka at: "eX... it!'99" - 2nd international Butoh Symposion-Dance Exchange-project at Schloss Broellin (Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania)

1999 - Dancer and Choreographer in: "Urlaub in Mörtschach" grotesque dance-theatre performance with Sonja Romeis

2000 - "
Ritual Foot Waashing Ceremony - a participative art-installation" in the German pavilion at the EXPO 2000 in Hanover on the occasion of the country week of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as a contribution to the art project "Rastplatz 2000" der Künstlergruppe Provinz Europa
- design and publication of the own website -

2000 - Start of the collaboration with Felix Ruckert and thereby dancer in "Deluxe Joy Pilot" interactive dance performance by Felix Ruckert

2001 -
Dancer in: "Ring" interaktive Dance Performance by Felix Ruckert

2001 - Start of the intensive collaboration with Gregor Weber as light artist for: "QUO" - open air spectacle by antagon-theaterAKTion - director: Gregor Weber

2001 - Director for: "Die Mondtücher" - puppet show for children by FLIEGENDEN THEATER BERLIN with Rudi Schmid and Ulrike Schladebach

2001 - Art performer
with "Ritual Foot Waashing Ceremony - a participative art-installation" in: "Konstkaravanen" - Art Caravan Touring Project around Uppsala/Sweden with SU-EN Butoh Company • Idea & direction: Susanna Åckerlund

2001 - Light artist for: "Panther" - Dance solo by Gregor Weber

2001 -
Co-director and light artist for: "Forever JUNG" - DanceTheatre Performance by Gregor Weber

2002 - Dancer in: "SECRET SERVICE & STILLEN" interactive dance performance by Felix Ruckert &
tour in South America with "Deluxe Joy Pilot".

2002 - Co-director and light artist for: "Pulpa Paradox" - DanceTheatre Performance for the opening of the theatre festival "Anno Domini 2002" in Pula/Croatia - Direction & Choreography: Gregor Weber

2002 - Project leader and art performer with
"Ritual Foot Waashing Ceremony - a participative art-installation" at: "Feet Down" - Art Caravan Touring Project around Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania organised by Schloss Broellin <Castle of Broellin>

2003 - Directior,
light and video artist for: "KASPAR HAUSER" - dance solo by Gregor Weber

2003 -
Dancer on several tours in: "SECRET SERVICE" & "Deluxe Joy Pilot" interactive dance performances by Felix Ruckert

2003 - Idea & concept, artistic direction together with Yumiko Yoshioka for:  "eX... it!'03" - 3rd international dance exchange project & symposium at
Schloss Broellin <Castle of Broellin> (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)